Can We Sell Hair Oils on Amazon?

Answer 1:

If they are in gated cattegory then how can we ungate them?
Thanks for your suggestions

Answer 2:

Yes its gated category you have to make some invoice for that product and sent to Amazon

Answer 3:

To ungate a category you can contact to the website funnul guru they can ungate the cateogory ny providing you essential documents.

Answer 4:

GATED! but you can ungate it only if you have a certified supplier of that product, than send the invoices and request to amazon for your product .

Answer 5:

if seller is already sell this in pakistan and had private LABLE. Then
What type of invoice required?

Answer 6:

send them the invoice of your product and assure them with the certificate of the supplier to grab there confirmation for that ungated category and product!

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