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The number of Facebook likes and facebook marketing on your business or individual page determine to a great deal the success of your online strategy. Our Facebook likes service provide in pakistan you with real Facebook likes and facebook marketing in pakistan on your page. Facebook now has nearly 2 million active users from Pakistan and with a solid presence on Facebook you can generate many business leads and promote your business to greater heights. Having an active Facebook page with plenty of likes also in a way endorse the reputation and popularity of your brand.

Facebook can be used in a variety of ways to promote your business. If you have a business website Facebook page can serve to share your posts and increase the visitors to your site, you can also run promotional campaigns on your Facebook page that helps in the promotion of your business. If two companies are offering identical services people are bound to compare them, one of the most common methods of comparing the popularity of two companies is their popularity on Facebook. A business with more Facebook likes on its page is bound to appear more appealing to the customer.

A facebook page also serves as a testimonial page where people can leave their feedback which helps others in choosing your service.

Keeping in mind all the above points our Facebook Likes Service provides different packages to customers keeping in view their needs. We have smaller packages for individual customers and we also provide Facebook likes in Bulk for larger businesses. Moreover our rates are among the lowest in the market, hiring our service will give a real boost to your business presence of Facebook. Don’t waste time order now and see instant results.

Facebook page management tips for your business page:

Are you looking forward to possess a professional Facebook page for your business?First of all you need to clear a notion that it is really easy to end up having a successful Facebook page for your business to attract enough attention of your target market. May be it can be done easily for short term, however getting it done in long run is not at all an easy task to be done. In other words, it is indeed a complete opposite scenario.

There are certain things that you need to be careful about, for instance to have constant content uploaded on your business Facebook page, keep the target market engaged and last but not the least, to be at aware of and responsive towards the posts and comments posted by the customers on the business page.

In addition to the above mentioned features, you need to keep the underlined things in your mind while working on your Facebook page.

Improve your business according to the community feedback:

Every business owner believes that his or her business is perfect in every possible manner. At the same time they also want to ensure that their customers are delighted and do not have any complaints. However, this cannot be the case. It is because no company or business is perfect, and similarly not every customer will be satisfied with your products or services in pakistan.

A good manager is the one who is well aware of the fact that negative comments from the customers is indeed disparaging; but by the end of the day it is indeed a good thing.

This is the point where the Facebook page management services in pakistan step in to rate the companies. Customers can freely provide with their feedback and express what madethem happy or angry with the products and services offered by your company. Having knowing what the issue is, you can make arrangements to fix the issues at best in every manner.

Show the personal side of the company:

It is difficult to show your personal side of the company when most of your employees are behind the scene and where they interact with the customers in professional mode.

In order to show the soft side of the business, the Facebook page management services in pakistan post the pictures on the page like company picnic, or the new members of the family born to an employee. This created an emotional bond between the customers and your brand name.

When customers feel and see that the company is loyal to the staff then they will be more inclined towards the company. Brand loyalty can be created in several ways. Presenting to the customers that your business is not about numbers only is something that is one of the ways how Facebook page management companies in pakistan achieves this.

Engage the customers with contests:

What everyone loves is winning the free stuff. One of the greatest uses of the Facebook page is to get your target market and customers involved in the company. Make them a part of your company rather than simply defining them as a consumer of your products and services.

Facebook page management companies in pakistan make use of the surveys and contests and give away prizes to the winners. Such little tricks enable thousands of Facebook users to see these contests and incentives. It adds to the word of mouth and people re pushed to look at your website and make them buy what you have to offer. It ultimately increases the traffic to the company website.

Update your audience about your business:

We all have heard about the saying “out of sight, out of mind” hence social media manager ensures that the updated posts keep coming without any interruption. Facebook management services do this by finding pictures, articles, new stores, and events to post on the page. This leads to a continuous stream of the updated content for the customers.

These are some of the main tips that need to be well kept in mind while managing your companies Facebook page. Now as we just mentioned about the social media managerlet us now talk a little about it.

A social media manager is the one professionally capable of keeping the fan page functional as well as ending up creating a strong community sense. However it is highly significant to hire the right person and select one of the most complementing Facebook page management packages in pakistan for your business.

Facebook page management packages:

Almost all of the social media management professionals offer a number of packages. These Facebook page management packagesrange from posting the content to a single platform or to multiple networks. It will depend on your business requirements that how much you should spend on it.

For most of the small businesses, the package with one post on daily basis is the requirement to keep the brand name updated and fresh. Most of the Facebook page promotion packages include the following:

  • Content only: It includes posts x time / daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • Direct interaction with the followers – x times / daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • Outreach in order to attract the new customers and followers, potential partners and media attention – x times / daily, weekly monthly basis
  • Strategy to add content with research analytics, adjusting and tweaking to enhance the results with weekly or monthly reports

Facebook page management prices:

  • When it is about Facebook page management prices they are based on the following factors:
  • How much work you are expecting of the agency to do for your Facebook page
  • Can some work be done on automated basis or you need everything to be done via human beings
  • How much of the work requires real time versus pre schedules work for the whole month or week
  • Are you looking for the general posts or customized posts?
  • How much research and strategy is involved?
  • How frequently strategic adjustments are made on the campaigns?

As a rule of thumb, generic posts charge lower as compared to the customized posts. These are the automated activities that update the page with the posts that are not specifically related to your brand name or company. However they do add value to your target audience. These posts are not meant to expect relationship building or increased traffic to your website.

On the other hand when there are customer based posts then these are charged higher. Also these posts add to the traffic to the website. So it needs your time to see which services you want to hire for your Facebook page.

Significance of planning:

Planning is a key feature for the successful Facebook page. Do not expect your page to be successful without having a proper strategy. No doubt planning is time taking however it is one of the greatest ways of streamlining the overall process and it is better to manage your page via professional services.

In case you are running a small business even then you need to hire experts for this purpose. You may opt for selecting a social media manager in this regards. He will have admin privileges on your page. He will be fulfilling the responsibilities of running the page in a smooth manner.

While hiring a social media manager you need to keep the following three things in your mind:


Personality traits of the manager you are about to hire must complement well with the target market. In general, any manager that you want to hire must possess the underlined characteristics:

      • He should have good communication skills
      • He must be a problem solver
      • He should not be timid rather must be a people person
      • He possess the capability of listening
      • He must have positive attitude
      • He should have professional attitude

Understand the target audience:

One of the most significant features that your social media managermust possess is that he connects well with the target market. He needs to build rapport with them. It needs to be well kept in mind that, Facebook marketing is all about connections and relationship with the people and not with the brands. Therefore, he should be strong enough to represent the company very well.

Right skills:

In addition to the perfect personality, right skills are mandatory as well. A professional manager for the social media management must possess the following:

  • Capable of understanding the social media very well
  • Committed to facilitate the people in the social channels
  • Capable of performing multi-tasking and quick thinker
  • Has strong understanding of the marketing via online services
  • Possess understanding of how social media fits in with the overall marketing goals of the company

To conclude, it will be very right to say that when it is about Facebook, you need to work on strategy that works well for your business. With the passage of time, Facebook proves to be more significant. Therefore, if you want to attract more traffic to your website, add to your leads, and convert your followers and fans in to customers, then hiring services of professional Facebook Page Management Company In Pakistan needs to be hired.

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