6 Reasons to Choose Magento for Ecommerce Store

Every digital merchant wants his/her shop to be at the top of the pyramid. The one that stands out from others in every aspect. The question is: How? While there are a great many factors that contribute to this, the one that outweighs all of them is the selection of the platform to build your shop.

The availability of multiple ecommerce platforms each promising to be the best makes it a difficult decision. When deciding on an eCommerce platform for your store, the first thing to do is to analyze its feature-set. After looking at each platform’s pros and cons, we have figured that Magento offers a better solution for all kinds of online businesses. Here are a fewfacts/statistics that testify to this.

  • Top brandssuch as Samsung, Burger King, Land Rover, Coca Cola, Ford, Fox Connect, Nike, Rite Aid, Nestle, Lenovo, and Fiji use Magento for their online stores.
  • 202 Magento users are in the Internet Retailer Top 1000 list. (Source: Magento.com)
  • More than 250,000 merchants worldwide use Magento as their ecommerce platform. (Source: Magento.com)
  • Magento has 13% of the ecommerce market share making it the third most used platform after WooCommerce and Shopify. (Source: BuiltWith)

It’s clear that Magento is among the ecommerce market leaders and has everything you need to make your store climb up the ladder. What makes Magento unique and fit for businesses of all kinds and sizes is its advanced features. From store creation to maintenance, from scalability to security, and from performance to marketing, Magento does not lack anywhere.

The following Magento features will further convince you of it being the best ecommerce platform and why you should choose it for your ecommerce store.

Magento is Open Source

Magento is open source which means anyone can modify the source code to meet their specific Magento is Open Sourcerequirements. They can add features and functionalities and create extensions. This is the reason the Magento marketplace is rich with a variety of high quality extensions that can help you extend your store’s functionality in whatever way you want. Any Magento developer or a development company can play around with the code. FMEextensions, for example, a leading Magento development company in Dubai has 250+ extensions to their credit.

Magento is Scalable

Magento is highly flexible which means it offers you a lot of resources to grow your business. Magento, by default, is most suited for large scale businesses which is exactly the reason a high percentage of massive online stores are in Magento. So whether you start as a small entity looking to expand or are already an established brand, Magento should be your go-to option.

Magento is high performing

Performance has got even better with the introduction of Magento 2. Thanks to its advanced features such as varnish cache, full page cache, Redis, FPC, optimized database options, and others that have significantly reduced the page load time. Magento uses fewer server resources while processing complex tasks thus delivering optimum performance.

Magento is mobile friendly

Magento 2 is very mobile friendly which means that it can adapt to varying screen sizes. This feature is huge given the fact that almost half of the online purchases happen through handheld devices. With Magento as your platform, users can enjoy the same (if not better) shopping experience on smartphones as they do on computers. It supports video and can adjust the image size.

Magento is SEO friendly

Magento comes with a lot of built-in SEO features that make it easy for your store to rank in SERPs. The inclusion of features such as SEO friendly URL structures, tags, descriptions, URL rewrites, sitemaps, etc. make Magento highly SEO friendly. Anyone can configure these settings to achieve more in less time in terms of SEO.

Integration is easy with Magento

It is pretty simple to integrate third-party services including extensions, payment gateways, shipping providers, tracking tools, database applications, etc. with Magento. Just install the application, follow a few simple steps to configure and you are all set to use it. If you get stuck anywhere, there is extensive Magento documentation and a huge Magento community that can help you solve any issueright there and then.

These were only a few of the tens of exciting features that Magento has to offer. It has everything for both merchants and developers. The growing use of this platform only validates this assertion.

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