Amazon PPC Management Services

Amazon advertising is one of the best ways to get your product noticed and purchased whether you’re an experienced Amazon seller looking to grow your sales or you’ve just set up shop recently.

But before you sink your hard-earned money into Amazon advertising, you should know that it’s a complicated process. Amazon-sponsored product advertising should be executed with a well-defined strategy.

What is Amazon PPC? 

The term PPC refers to Pay Per Click which means sellers only pay a fee to Amazon when someone clicks on the seller’s advertisement. It is a well-known advertising platform to help sellers amplify their product sales online. The advertiser only pays Amazon when you click on the ad with the pay-per-click (PPC) model. You will not have to pay for impressions if you are running Amazon PPC campaigns. 

Why should you invest in Amazon PPC? In a nutshell, Amazon PPC management helps you increase the visibility of your products, and boost your sales. A PPC campaign can significantly boost the product’s visibility and sales when managed and optimized well. This will also ensure long-term success by boosting the product’s organic ranking.

Types of Amazon Ads

There are three main types of campaigns or ads you can create on Amazon: Sponsored Product ads, Sponsored Brands ads, and Product Display ads. 

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads:

Sponsored Product ads are Amazon advertising campaigns that are the most general PPC ads. This type of ad uses product and keyword targeting to advertise specific, individual products. It also helps products to appear alongside other products on the search results page or in a carousel on a product detail page.


Sponsored Product ads use 3 different keyword match types to tie the keywords you bid on to a user’s search query like other forms of online advertising.


Broad Match: This type allows for the most traffic and exposure of any product. These keywords can be anywhere in the query of a search. It allows for other words before, after, or in between the key phrase.

Phrase Match: A search term of the customer must contain the relevant keywords in sequence but allows for other words to appear before or after the phrase.

Exact Match: A customer’s search query must exactly match the keyword in order for the ad to be shown. This type is more likely to be the most relevant to a shopper but also the narrowest type of keyword targeting available.

How does the Amazon PPC auction work?

In the Amazon PPC auction process, each advertiser submits a default bid and competes against each other for ad spots. However, the bid is not necessarily the cost-per-click which is set by the highest bidder.

Suppose you have bid $3.00 for a keyword. The second-highest bidder has a default bid of $2.00. The highest bidder will win the ad spot but would not have to pay $3.00. The bid winner would only have to pay $0.01 more than the other bidder. This means that they will end up paying $2.01 instead of $3.00.

Therefore, the cost-per-click (CPC) for a keyword or targeted ASIN will depend on the highest bid, but it isn’t always the highest bid.

Why you should use Amazon pay-per-click (PPC)?

Over the years, the retail giant has become a behemoth in the advertising space. In the 3rd quarter of 2020, Amazon’s revenue from advertising hit $5.4 billion and 51% increase from 2021. Amazon has rapidly improved its market share and not dethroning Google or Facebook.

One might wonder why are people, especially sellers, crowding to use Amazon PPC. Since Amazon is a retail platform, the users entering a search term are active buyers looking to make a purchase and are already looking to buy a product. Therefore, your ads are more likely to convert when the customer is already in the market for the product. 

Amazon has a captive customer base spending more and more every year. With Amazon PPC, businesses are targeting that consumer base when a PPC campaign is executed well. So, hire an Amazon PPC agency now and boost your sales.

Amazon PPC Services

The following are the most significant Amazon PPC advertising services that can lift your brand to the top level by boosting your sales.

Fix Existing Promotion Campaigns

Sponsored product listings are the key to sales, thus, they’re useless if they’re not pulling their weight.

Build Customized PPC Strategies

Service providers know that no two businesses are the same, which is why individual sponsored ad campaigns are created and catered to your brand’s needs.

Amplify ROAS

Tweaks to your sponsored ad campaigns are made to increase the return you get on your ad spend and reduce overall costs.

Improve Organic Ranking

Profitable keywords are researched and implemented in the product listings and sponsored ad campaigns to boost the organic search rankings.

Analyze and Monitor Campaigns

Magic doesn’t happen overnight, therefore, your PPC campaigns must be constantly tracked, tweaked, measured, and optimized to reduce ACOS and make sure all sponsored ads are performing at their best.

Manage All Amazon Sponsored Ads

The entire PPC campaign process has to be overseen from start to finish and help you create high-converting sponsored brand ads, sponsored product ads, product display ads, and video ads.

Identify Incremental Sales Opportunities

Digging into the key data and finding key components that can be optimized to increase sales.

Reduce ACOS, Improve ROI

A health check on the existing PPC campaigns is run to gain insight into what’s working and what’s not before starting new campaigns.

Building a Sustainable Brand

Sustainability begins with optimizing the product listings and identifying relevant and profitable traffic to send to sponsored product campaigns.

Increase Sales & Scalability

Ensuring your PPC campaigns are reaching the right people and optimizing the product pages to improve ranking, relevancy, and brand scalability.


Amazon PPC services help you take a deeper dive into your existing ad campaigns and see how they have been performing. With the help of machine learning algorithms, hard data, and expertise that comes from helping thousands of other Amazon sellers, Amazon PPC services providers will scrutinize your campaigns and review the reports, assess your ability to maximize ROI and sales, and identify areas that need improvement.