Amazon is a giant E-commerce platform for merchants. No doubt it earns much more success in the last decade. It remains successful in attracting a large audience with its quality services & policies. However, running this business is not as fun as it sounds. It requires a lot of techniques & skills to ace. That’s why a merchant usually needs the help of someone who can deal with all the technical stuff. Someone who has experience in maintaining this business is known as Amazon seller central virtual assistant In Pakistan. 

  • What does an Amazon store virtual assistant do?

Precisely, you can say what duties a virtual assistant performs for you. The list is pretty long. A virtual assistant typically saves you a lot of time. Because almost your every responsibility is to shift on the virtual assistant of your store. We will discuss everything in detail here:


1- Product hunting

The first step you take to start your online business is to decide which product you should sell. Due to high competition in the market, you need to do proper optimization for your product. Your top questions must sound like what is trending in the market? What is the top-selling product of last year? Which product will provide you sufficient benefit to run your business? And any more like these.

If you hire an Amazon drop shipping virtual assistant in Pakistan, or you may say Amazon seller central virtual assistant in Pakistan, then you don’t need to do all this by yourself. Your virtual assistant will do all the listing & fact-checks for you. 


It depends on how you set up your seller central account on Amazon. Either you choose the method of FBA or decided to do shipping by yourself. A virtual assistant will check in balance the product quantity for you. So that you never store over the board or never get to face a shortage of anything.

The virtual assistant is accountable for every numerical reading you need for your business. 

3-Orders & Reviews

There are 90% chances that you aren’t available for your customer 24/7. However, your Amazon drop shipping virtual assistant can be there on your behalf. The virtual assistant manages the orders check the notes if customers have left any. Go through the reviews in the comment section.  

In conclusion, everything related to customers, from order to dispatching to returning, is under the control of a virtual assistant. 


4- Advertising

Your brand reputation is pretty crucial. And in this digital world, maintaining reliability is even more difficult. The virtual assistant duty list also includes managing the marketing of your business as well. 

The virtual assistant manages the marketing of your brand through different social media platforms. It may include Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


The virtual assistant prepares a report for you according to your preferences. It is who will decide

Amazon Dropshipping Virtual Assistant ,Amazon Dropshipping

Amazon Dropshipping Virtual Assistant In Pakistan

either you want the exposition monthly or weekly. From administrative to marketing and customer care, the virtual assistant takes care of everything on your behalf. 

  • FAQ’s about virtual assistant

Many sellers have different queries about Amazon seller central virtual assistant. They are confused about either they should hire an assistant or not? Here’s the answer to all your frequently asked question. 

Is virtual assistant worth the hype?

This one is a pretty common confusion. Every other seller is hiring a virtual assistant, which left newcomers in complications about either they should employ themselves as well or not. So the answer to your confusion is crystal clear. YES. A virtual assistant saves you a lot of time, and that is a perk of high importance. 

How much do you pay a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a freelance employer. They work daily or maybe an hour per day. Their wages depend on working hours. Their salary in USD varies from $1 to $100 per hour. It fluctuates as per the level of experience a virtual assistant has. 

The average pay rate of a virtual assistant for the United States is $15 to $30 per hour. 

Where can you hire?

Many freelance virtual assistants are available in the market. However, if you are looking for an experienced and reliable virtual assistant, then can help you in this regard.

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