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4 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Mistakes that are Still Common in 2019


Amazon affiliate marketing courseAmazon affiliate is the opportunity to earn money on a commission basis. With worldwide fame, trust, and acknowledgment, you can begin without a second thought. However, like everything else, your financial success depends on how effectively you convince your audience to engage with your content and ultimately generate organics clicks.

With many things easy, there are many mistakes people still make among which four are listed here.

  1. Mentioning Prices

The biggest mistake! There are a couple of reasons in our affiliate marketing course to avoid this one. First, you’ll get banned from Amazon Associates as their prices switch frequently and most people don’t update old posts on their sites. This is because they offer discount offers that may not be a good thing for your site where you have mentioned the price. Second, simply mentioning the rate will reduce the click-through rate. Most of the traffic is generated through links. Therefore, instead of mentioning the price in text, add a link in ‘check the price’ or ‘view product’ buttons.

  1. Not Linking to the Product

This is a no brainer but here it is. There are people who actually forget to add a link to Amazon. Many marketers have come up with the killer content on their sites but don’t link the products listen in their content.

When you mention a product, add its picture, or highlight something good about it, NEVER miss including a link to Amazon.

A lot of people avoid getting penalized by Google due to adding too many keywords, but moderation is key and not linking products to Amazon is a total waste of effort.

Our Amazon affiliate marketing course can be helpful for you in learning different ways to promote the products through links.

  1. Adding Dates

This one is a deal-breaker. At all costs, do not mention the dates on your articles and reviews. Most of the products you’ll list on your site are, usually, forever. However, that’s not exactly how your site visitors will refer to it. If you don’t mention the date, most of the people won’t even care and your content will still be taken positively.

  1. Only Writing Reviews

If you are solely writing reviews, it won’t go a long way. Opt for being more educational in your niche. This won’t take the opportunity away to monetize your post but will give you another way to do so.

Add explanatory content and talk about products in a different way from reviews and add links. Doing so will make your site appear as a legitimate source and an authority to Google and not just someone talking about products. It is actually a good idea to generate organic traffic to your site, will ultimately build trust among people, and get you the Amazon cookie.

Affiliate marketing needs effort and dedication, but worth it in the long run if you do all the right things to promote products. Our Amazon affiliate training course will help you learn all the important things you actually need to thrive in this market. So sign up now!

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